Woman shares allergic reaction after lip filler dissolved

She was left with a massive upper lip and an extremely swollen lower face

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It’s a cautionary tale about vanity.

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A woman’s bad reaction after getting her lip filler dissolved landed her in hospital, reports the U.K.’s Sun .

“I had my lip filler dissolved … and ended up in hospital,” Ruby, who shared her allergic reaction on TikTok, wrote in a caption on the video.

She was left with a massive upper lip and an extremely swollen lower face.

Some people commented that she looked like Homer Simpson, while another said her appearance changed from “the platypus from Phineas and Ferb to the Chipmunks.”

Lip filler is a popular subject on the social media site, with young women sharing clips of injections and theie resulting puffier puckered lips.

But when a person wants to remove the filler by dissolving it, there can be bad outcomes.

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One nurse in the U.K. shared tips to prevent that from happening.

“If you want to have any filler dissolved, make sure your aesthetics practitioner does a patch test,” advised nurse Ginger .

“And that’s injecting a tiny little bit first into the arm, wait half an hour, and if there’s no reaction go ahead. If there’s a reaction, definite no-no.”

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