What is Teen Mum Academy and when is it on E4?

ENTERING motherhood in your teenage years can be a daunting prospect.

But new E4 series Teen Mum Academy sets about helping a group of young women as they take on the challenge of being a mother.

Don't miss E4's new reality show Teen Mum Academy


Don’t miss E4’s new reality show Teen Mum AcademyCredit: Channel 4

When is Teen Mum Academy on E4?

Teen Mum Academy kicks off TONIGHT (Monday May 23, 2022).

You can watch this brand new series from 7.30pm on E4.

There are six episodes in total, which will air at the same time on Monday evenings.

Any missed episodes can be watched on Channel 4’s streaming service, All 4.

What is Teen Mum Academy?

Teen Mum Academy follows six determined teens who have already experienced one of the biggest life events there is – becoming mums – as they embark on a potentially life changing experience.

The reality show aims to help them build confidence, relationships and a broad range of new skills to help aid them in both their future careers and their personal lives.

The E4 series is inspired by real schools dedicated to teen mums and will join a group of impressive and talented young mothers, as they throw themselves into a specially created course that could help transform their approach to their lives.

The course is led by a former teen mum-turned-successful entrepreneur, Jess Lizama, along with a range of other expert mentors.

Who is Jess Lizama?

Jess, who had her daughter aged 16, overcame many hurdles to become a successful full-time lifestyle blogger, content creator and wellness coach. 

Having been a teen mum herself she knows exactly what our young mums are going through.

She’s been there, done it, and is now hugely successful in her chosen field.

She will coach, advise and challenge our young mums as they embark on their own journey’s. 

Jess Lizama told Channel 4: “I am so excited to meet these young women and their babies for so many reasons.

“I’ve been through what they’re going through and I’m proud to say that I know they’ll thrive.

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“I also know that this will be a special experience for them. Having a community of people to help support you, a mentor to help guide you and all the tools for success in place—well, it’s invaluable and I’m honoured to be a part of their journey.

“I’m thrilled to see how their goals shift during the duration of the show and what their growth will be, both professionally and personally.” 

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