Voters in deep blue North Carolina city talk priorities on eve of primary

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Voters in North Carolina provided Fox News with an inside look at what will influence their vote in Tuesday’s primary election.

“I guess inflation is the biggest thing,” said Ralph, of Durham, NC, who told Fox News he is still undecided about whom he will vote for.

Nida Allam (D) campaign sign in Durham, NC.

Nida Allam (D) campaign sign in Durham, NC.
(Matt Leach/Fox Digital)

Molly, who said she’s already voted Democrat, told Fox News: “Right now, women’s health rights are my number one priority.”

When asked why she voted Democrat, Molly told Fox News, “I think they represent the American people more than the Republican Party does.”


John, who told Fox News his top priority is “term limits,” said he voted early for U.S. Senate candidate Ted Budd, a Republican.

Rep. Tedd Budd of North Carolina, a GOP candidate for Senate in 2022, speaks with Fox News at CPAC Dallas, in Dallas, Texas on July 9, 2021

Rep. Tedd Budd of North Carolina, a GOP candidate for Senate in 2022, speaks with Fox News at CPAC Dallas, in Dallas, Texas on July 9, 2021

“I’m a conservative,” said John. “Those are the values that I hold dear, and if I can’t share that with my prospective candidates, then what good is it?”

Donald Trump won North Carolina in 2020, however, Durham County went to Joe Biden with 80.4% of the vote.

Democrats running in North Carolina’s 4th Congressional District primary include former American Idol contestant Clay Aiken, State Senator Valerie Foushee and Nida Allam, a member of the Durham County Board of Commissioners.

Old West Durham, North Carolina

Old West Durham, North Carolina
(Matt Leach/Fox Digital)

Allam, a former political director for the Bernie Sanders campaign, was endorsed by Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar and Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, both Democrats.

“To me, a progressive candidate is a lot better than a moderate candidate,” said the field manager for Thrive NC, a political group supporting Allam.

“When you look at somebody as progressive, they’re looking to change a lot of things, a lot of systematic things that’s already set in place,” she told Fox News. “At the end of the day, we want to evolve,” she continued.

Molly, of Durham, told Fox News she leans more moderate than liberal progressive.

“I just don’t think that agenda works well for the American people, I think it’s a bit too far left,” said Molly.


Javon, who said he plans to vote in the primary, told Fox News he also supports moderate candidates.

“It seems like they get more change, more change within the community,” Javon said.

Isabelle McDonnell contributed to this report.

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