Visualize it and it will come

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Attract those people who share your vision and desire for a life full of abundance

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When you think of owning a home, what do you picture? A cozy one-bedroom condo with a great gym, pool and other amenities on the subway line?

Or do you aspire to own a three-bedroom house with a fireplace and a spacious deck overlooking a peaceful lake? Your dream and goals will likely change overtime, depending on whether you are single or attached, have children, are in transition, or seeking a life change.

Whatever the case, dreaming big is where it all begins. Feeling the experience prior to it happening is what manifestation is all about.

Many people will challenge you along your personal and professional journey to greatness. This is because they are comfortable with the status quo and mediocrity.

Perhaps they didn’t think it was possible for them to attain a certain lifestyle, due to life circumstances or their own limiting beliefs. Remember where doubtful comments are coming from when sharing your dreams.

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Attract those people who share your vision and desire for a life full of abundance. Wanting more is not a bad thing.

Visualize how this dream will be accomplished. Are you running your own business? Will it be a shared dream with your significant other? Are children part of the equation?

The saying “build it and it will come”, should be “visualize it and it will come.” Picture your home and what it looks like, from flooring to furniture. Your goals are doable.

Work with a realtor you trust. Be excited and open about your current, and future goals. You may work with you realtor more than once. This is a good thing! Make sure you are on the same page and your goals are aligned.

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