The Great Resignation: Can eLearning Stop It?

Is eLearning Necessary To Stop Employee Attrition?

In the U.S., many resignations have been happening due to employee turmoil. Why are they so frustrated, and what is causing them to give up their jobs? Employees are suffering from burnout because they have to manage their households along with work. The U.S. imposed lockdowns last year in March. Earlier, employees were quite pleased about the work-from-home culture because they had complete access to the IT equipment. Their motivation to work had soared because they had found the ideal work-life balance.

However, there was a certain divide among employees when it came to being given permission to telework. Generally, employees who had a Bachelor’s degree were preferred for remote work, and a majority of those who didn’t have a college education were not allowed such privileges. Well, those who were not working from home before the pandemic but got this opportunity post-pandemic are certainly happy with the situation. Almost 50% of them were pleased about working from home because it gave them more freedom over their time, due to the flexibility of work hours. They also found it satisfying that they had more time for the family compared to before.

So workers now prefer the telework situation, which is causing the Great Resignation. Apart from the null commuting time, the other benefits of remote work are the time to exercise, cook, and indulge in other personal activities. Workers are leaving jobs because they no longer desire to work from the office. Also, people who studied during the pandemic are opting for remote work.

Many employees are pursuing eLearning courses to boost their careers. The Great Resignation started in April in the U.S. when vaccinations started and companies expected employees to resume working from the office. In that month, an unprecedented number of resignations (4 million) occurred in the U.S.

Better Skills

Employees need to be given higher pay to continue with their jobs (i.e., to prevent attrition). eLearning can make sure that employees imbibe those skills which make them deserving of higher salaries. Skill development is an urgent need of the hour so that employees don’t change jobs for the sake of better salaries. Apart from that, when an employee has attained higher skills, it’s time to give them more accountability and responsibility in the job. Apart from that, the eLearning systems should be tailored to employee needs. Some employees prefer mobiles, while others learn through the laptop. Hence, companies have to focus on making the eLearning experience personalized for each employee.

Ensuring HR Cooperation

HR (Human Resources) eLearning is also needed because these employees need to put more energy into retaining employees. Hence, they need to schedule conversations with employees about how the current IT infrastructure is supportive or non-supportive for them. This is because with better IT tools, employees become more productive in the workplace, making them worthy of a promotion. Companies might need to invest in new software to enable better performances from employees. An employee can only get job satisfaction when the job is rewarding, and with job satisfaction comes better productivity.

HR eLearning can ensure that they prevent an employee from leaving. This can happen when the employee is connected to their superiors in the company who can take their career forward through mentoring. HR can also ensure that praiseworthy employees are given positive feedback by company seniors acknowledging their efforts. Companies should ensure that they pay for these educational programs for employees. Otherwise, employees might find these programs a financial burden. The programs should also be delivered during working hours; otherwise, the employees might feel frustrated if they have to devote time after the office.

Human Resources professionals can provide employees with financial rewards once they review the competition and know what kind of salary hike could prevent someone from looking for a new job. In the end, a company benefits when a diligent star employee does not quit because that shows that the company believes in nurturing the excellence essential for fostering positivity among employees.

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