TEEMTONEFAI gelatos and more tasty Instagram finds

You know the sound one makes when they get up close and personal with something delicious. Of something familiar. It’s a slice of pizza or a triple-stacked burger. A warm bowl of congee. MMMs-tagram is a feed of exactly that. Tasty treats uncovered from the unending abyss of hashtag foodie posts on Instagram, from comforting favourites to creative new bites. Anything that instigates those long, satisfying MMMs

STFU Scuffins

It’s not that these golden baked pastries have a lot to say –– they just want you to listen! They’re scuffins. Not scones, not muffins, but an ingenious hybrid of both. So imagine them buttery and crumbly but still with a chewy, cakey bite. Choose from the list of four: Classic PB & J; Hidden Gem –– Oreo scuffin with cheesecake, chocolate glaze and ocean cracks; Lisa Special, a nostalgic honey-infused scuffin with cocktail sausages and pineapple cubes reminiscent of old-time Hong Kong party treats; and The Burger, a comfort favourite downsized into a tomato scuffin with park parries, cheese and a squirt of ketchup sandwiched between. STFU and just try it!


Ice cream is universally known as a Good Time Treat. But with TEEMTONEFAI, it’s not only rich, creamy gelatos that impart big smiles and happy faces; it’s the actual product that does too. They’re funny. They have a personality! Packaged in playfully creative shapes –– a cob of corn for “Always Corny”, two halves of a broken heart for “Relation-shit” and “Fuck It I Love You” –– it’s a cheeky jab towards everyday statements. There’s even a special made one that is very apropos to current times: “CovIdoit”, a lemon and yuzu sorbet shaped as a powder blue hand soap.


So on top everything we need to be conscious about –– what time we’re sleeping and how much we’re exercising –– gut health is very important, too. Luckily, Nüte makes all the minding and managing so much simpler with delicious ice bars that are essentially nutrient-packed, fresh blended smoothies made yummier and more enjoyable than popping down two supplements a day. The frozen bars come in four different flavours and functions: Detox, Energy, Immunity and Recovery, with the last one being healthy twist on carrot cake.

Nüte has just set up residence at Jardine House’s Basehall and will be bringing its health-driven recipes, including smoothie bowls that have been designed as a cleaner meal-time alternative. Otherwise, they are available online.


These buns from BAOs are a little deceptive. It has all the trappings of a typical pineapple bun –– the dome-like shape and perfectly square scores –– but it’s not. Break open the crusty coat to find a chewy mochi filling centre, sometimes with flavoured cream or crunchy bits. There are currently eight flavours –– three savoury and five sweet –– and all very delicious: “Shrimply the Best” combines a carbonara-inspired filling of diced shrimp, potatoes and onions with a shot of chilli oil; “Tiramissyyou” is the classic Italian tiramisu condensed one round bite; and the newest, “Cookies & Dreams”, is crushed Oreo crumbs with a milk mochi centre.


MOMO’s plant-based dairy products are a glamorous range. Delicious plant-based essentials from nut butters in all kinds of tasty flavours –– Mandarin Almond, Dark Hazelnut or Almond Choc Chip –– to their star Almond Drink made with Californian almonds and Medjool dates, all funnelled in fun, very photogenic packaging. They’re versatile, too. Spread the nut butter over morning toast or drizzled carelessly over smoothie bowls; while the almond milk can be churned into creamy ice cream, if not enjoyed as a wonderful refresher on its own.

Header and Featured image courtesy of Nüte

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