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Colleagues lay flowers at vigil (continued..)

Mark Churchward, who spoke on behalf of Southend church leaders, described Sir David as “a man of honour, a man of compassion and a man of faith”, who dealt with everyone respectfully.

One parishioner told the PA news agency that “you couldn’t avoid David Amess if you lived around here. He had a knack for showing up… you’ve got to respect that, a man who takes the time to always be there,” he said.

Earlier in the day, several MPs and local politicians visited the site where Sir David was killed.

Rayleigh and Wickford MP Mark Francois on Sunday described his Conservative colleague as his “oldest and best friend” as he laid flowers outside the Belfairs Methodist church in Leigh-on-Sea.

Sir David, 69, was fatally injured while meeting constituents at the site on Friday.

Mr Francois was visibly emotional as he kissed the bouquet before laying it down. He stood sombrely for a few moments in front of the floral tributes displayed outside the church, and was comforted by a companion.

“He was the best bloke I ever knew,” Mr Francois said tearfully, adding that he would say more about his friend at the House of Commons tribute this week.

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