Sen. Scott defends his ‘Rescue America’ plan: Biden is confused, telling complete lies

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Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., sounds off on Biden for attacking his plan to help fix Medicare, social security, and cut taxes on “America Reports.”

RICK SCOTT: First off he’s [Biden] confused. He doesn’t worry about the facts. I told everybody, go to rescueamerica.com and look up what I said. Here’s what I want. I want people back to work. We have a low labor participation rate. So when do you get back to work, guess what happens? Hopefully, you don’t need food stamps anymore or public housing that I lived in growing up. Hopefully, you don’t need the government to pay for your healthcare and you have skin in the game. Get skin in the game, get a job, you pay payroll taxes and income taxes. Then you can go buy things pay sales taxes, you buy a house, property taxes. We have to get this country back to work again and we have to watch how we spend our money. Think about Medicare and social security. I want to make sure people get it. Here is what’s going on. Medicare goes bankrupt in four years. Up here [Capitol Hill] they don’t want to talk about it. They just passed a bill that puts Medicare in a worse position. We have to tell the American public how are we going to guarantee your benefits going forward? That’s what I’ve asked. Let’s make sure social security survives. What Biden put out, and even “Washington Post” said, its complete lies. He’s confused. He doesn’t know where we are.


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