Meghan Markle latest news – Duchess ‘to be SUED for defamation, libel & slander’ over ‘shocking’ Finding Freedom claims

What did Meghan’s email say?

In August, the Duchess wrote Knauf an email which read: “You know how personally frustrating I find the ‘stylist’ narrative (as it’s the only thing I seem to still have any control over—my personal styling).

“But given we are being asked to cooperate with this evidently authoritative biography I need to share I will not be comfortable doing so if this person is considered an authority and is tweeting the below.

“Can we set up a time to chat? I feel he needs to be back briefed ASAP if there’s any conversation about working with them moving forward.

“He’s being quoted in Town and Country and various others as saying [redacted] styled me which is patently untrue…”

And when Meghan sent a briefing note to Knauf to give to the Finding Freedom authors, she reiterated the fact she didn’t have a stylist.

In her notes, written in the third person, the final line read simply: “Also Meghan does not work with a stylist; [redacted] is her close friend.”

This comes after Meghan told Oprah Winfrey during her bombshell interview in March that she felt trapped with the royal family.

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