Love Island 2022 LIVE – Gemma Owen grows closer to Luca Bish as SIX islanders at risk in savage dumping tonight

Fans rooting for Indiyah and Dami

Gorgeous Indiyah and Dami certainly have strong chemistry, as they decide to explore whether they are compatible.

Indiyah graciously opened up to Ikenna in last nights episode.

She told him they are better off as friends, and he highlighted that Indiyah and Dami definitely have a spark.

Ikenna took the news really well, and they decided to stay friends.

Speaking with Dami, he told Indiyah that he wanted her in his bed…

Fans went wild on Twitter, one wrote: “I’m here squealing like a little girl for Dami and Indiyah eeeeeek #LoveIsland.”

Another wrote: “Hate me but dami and indiyah should have been a couple from the start #LoveIsland.”

A third wrote: “im in love with dami and indiyah already #loveisland.”

Unfortunately, Amber is coupled up with Dami, and is completely unaware of the situation.

How will she take it when she discovers Dami has eyes for Indiyah?

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