‘Loud sex’ the biggest complaint from New Yorkers complaining to 311

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New York City’s non-emergency hotline has been inundated with complaints from callers who are not fans of “loud sex.”

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More than 270 sex-related complaints were called in to 311, with reports of everything from backyard orgies and massive sex parties, sounds of “loud ruthless sex” in the middle of the afternoon, and what one person described as grunts from a “sexual tyrannosaurus,” reported the New York Post.

“Ruthless?” What does that even mean?

“Listen, I am a Christian woman, help this girl stop having loud sex before God does,” one woman from the Bronx told 311 in a complaint from January.

Another from Queens harped last June, “Orgy going on in the backyard, boobs and penises being flashed on the street.”

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The most common complaint, hands down, was the volume at which many of their neighbours were doing the dirty.

One Brooklyn resident told 311 that the loudness kept him up and he lost his job due to oversleeping, while a person in Queen said their neighbor was “shouting loudly that he is a sexual-tyrannosaurus.”

“I’ve slept through earthquakes and fires in my life but I couldn’t sleep through this,” sighed one resident, while another begged, “Please make him stop.”

Police investigated all the complaints, but no arrests or charges were made as the majority of grievances were categorized as “unfounded,” “unnecessary,” or not criminal, reported the New York Post.

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