Letters to the Editor, March 22, 2022

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Very often in life the choices we have to make are between very bad and worse. This is a choice that Russia has forced upon Ukrainians. Leaders like U.S. President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau emphatically state that they stand with Ukraine, but they stand more than 7,000 kilometres away and encourage them to continue resisting despite the many deaths, refugees and property destruction. What is notable is that they are not willing to provide all that the Ukrainians have requested and have made no effort to explain their strategy to end the suffering of the Ukrainian people. It was well known long before the Russian invasion that Putin is heartless and unprincipled. All the mainstream media is doing now is repeatedly confirming this and repeating claims of how poorly the Russian military is doing in the face of Ukrainian resistance. Unfortunately, in recent years, our leaders have tended to become more like autocratic leaders and — with the cooperation of the mainstream media — manipulate opinion rather than provide information. This makes it difficult for concerned people to decide whether the type of support they are providing to Ukraine is making an extremely bad situation even worse and unintentionally drawing us slowly into a direct military confrontation with Russia.

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(We should have learned from Putin’s actions in Crimea. If the world’s leaders think he’s done after Ukraine, then they truly are oblivious. But the people of Ukraine — their strength and bravery is what is holding the Russians back)

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shone a bright light on the policy shortcomings of our current Trudeau government. The naive and thoughtless lack of adequately financed and strangled military procurement procedures, in combination with Trudeau’s fanatic anti-energy policies, has completely undercut our ability to help our besieged friend and democratic partner in its time of desperate need. Now that these realities are blindingly obvious, will Trudeau finally acknowledge current geopolitical needs and, however belatedly, move to correct these grave errors?

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Re “War? Pencil it in” (Peter MacKay, March 19): I never thought I would see a politician who actually made sense and came up with workable solutions to solve anything. His suggestions in helping Ukraine are bang on and our silver-spoon PM should follow through to assist in combatting Russian aggression.

(MacKay understands these issue better than anyone in the current federal government)

Re “Joly’s comments unfair to military” (Editorial, March 19): It is all about leadership. What our political and military leaders tell our troops shapes their behaviour. When soldiers get training in diversity and race theory, when their natural inclination is to have each other’s back, they start to see each other differently. When our troops see politicians budget huge tax dollars for multicultural and environmental virtue-signalling projects, instead of military equipment, they must believe defence of Canada’s borders and interests must be of lesser importance.

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