Introducing The MMMs Awards 2021

Celebrating the best of simple, delicious dishes around the city, The MMMs are Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong’s first annual food awards.

MMMs — the sounds we make when we bite, slurp and chomp into something we love. Something warm. Something delicious. It may not be the healthiest. It may not win — well, anyone else’s — awards. But it’s simple. It’s comforting. It’s food that we eat when we’re up. When we’re down. When we’re with family. When we’re with friends. It reminds us of childhood, it reminds of us home, it reminds us we’re alive. It reminds us that food — good food — makes life worth living. And we, the editors of Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong, decided that’s the kind of food that deserves some recognition, too.

This is our way of doing that.

Our editors have spent the last several months painstakingly researching (read: stuffing ourselves with) the best bites in the city, considering everything from dine in and takeout to, of course, taste. From now through December, we’ll be putting a spotlight on some of our favourite, timeless comfort dishes in Hong Kong; the ones that that leave grease on our palms, sauce on our fingers and happiness in our hearts. And we’re inviting you, the reader, along for the ride.

As our editors thoroughly vet the best of the best for each of this year’s categories, we encourage everyone to keep an eye out on social media for their chance to offer recommendations and nominate their favourites. Restaurants and chefs should also encourage faithful patrons to hop into the comments and tag them as well to help their chances of winning a coveted Readers’ Choice award.

Stay tuned to Lifestyle Asia Hong Kong on Instagram for more.

Happy Eating.


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