I’m a Domino’s super fan – the chain made a change to a popular menu item and I’ve already ordered it twice

A DOMINO’s super fan is sharing their review of a reported change to one of the pizza chain’s popular dessert items.

The fan shared their thoughts on the apparent change in a viral TikTok video.

A TikToker is sharing a reported change to a popular Domino's menu item


A TikToker is sharing a reported change to a popular Domino’s menu itemCredit: Getty Images
They question why the switch was made while revealing that they can't resist the item


They question why the switch was made while revealing that they can’t resist the itemCredit: Getty Images

TikTok user Fi made a video jokingly complaining about the increased portion size of the chain’s chocolate crunch lava cake.

Dominos, why did you change it from two lava cakes to three? I just ate three lava cakes (with frosting) in a sitting. Two seemed more reasonable than three,” Fi said in the video.

Fi went on to address possible claims viewers could have about her eating the three cakes.

“Sure, you could be like ‘why didn’t you just save it for later…’ Who do I look like to you? If it’s warm now, how could I possibly refuse,” she said in the video.

Many Domino’s customers didn’t know that the pizza company apparently has increased the cake portions, as reported by Daily Dot.

Instead of the usual two cakes, customers reportedly now have the option to order three of them.

The increased portion also comes at an increased price, retailing for $6.99 as compared to the $3.99 price.

The famous cake was introduced to the Domino’s menu in 2009.

TikTok users commented with their thoughts as to why the company changed the cake portions.

One person, claiming to be an ex-employee, shared a possible theory for the possible change.

“Hey I just got fired from Dominos, they did it so they could put it with the 5.99 deal,” one user said. 

Another user shared the same theory.

“Used to be 2 for $3.99 then up to $4.99. apparently it’s now 3 to get rid of small boxes and put them on that stupid mix and match deal,” as reported by the Daily Dot.

In another TikTok video, Fi shared that she went back to Domino’s for more of the chocolate lava cakes.

As of now, it’s unconfirmed why Domino’s made the change.

The Sun contacted Domino’s about but has yet to get a response.

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