How this 24-year-old bought her first condo for $175,000 in Quebec, leaving behind Ontario

The National Post spoke to Gen Z and Millennial homebuyers about how they were able to purchase their first home

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Where: Gatineau, Que.

Initial budget: $190,000

Camille has been saving up for some time now to buy a place of her own. She decided to stay at home while attending school and save money she would have otherwise spent on rent.

Through her previous job, she had saved up enough for half of the down payment, and she continued saving until she could pay for it.

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Although she wanted to live in Ottawa, where she works, the cost was too high and she had to remain open-minded and look elsewhere. Quebec seemed like a viable alternative.

“I would have loved staying in Ottawa because I work in Ottawa. I live right now in Ottawa. I wanted to keep all my Ontario IDs and everything, but the opportunity was there to go to Quebec.”

She saw quite a few places, but felt the place she bought was the right fit for her.

She said she feels lucky she knew the sellers and was able to get a better price as a result — even less than her budget.

She bought the 700-square-foot one bed, one bath condo in February and paid $175,000.

She is excited to move in soon and gain independence.

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