Healthy eats straight to your doorstep

Spare yourself the trips to the supermarket and have these nutritious meals delivered ready-to-eat to your door.

Healthy eating may be an annual tradition for some each January, but the promise of a “better you” can be redeemed at any time of the year. If the thought of trudging around supermarkets after work and slaving over a hot stove fills you with dread, these meal delivery plans are a good place to start. Delivered right to your doorstep, you’ll be fuelled with nutritious bites in no time at all.

For those working from home — or opting to stay at home as a result of the recent dining restrictions — takeaways and food deliveries have been more popular than ever in the past two years. Why not make healthy options part of your weekday rotation? 

Hong Kong’s best meal delivery plans



Launched in 2015 with the goal of “making food delivery better and healthier,” Nosh champions premium ingredients and hearty, predominantly western dishes, such as chia puddings, frittatas, grain bowls and salads, while offering increasingly flexible meal plans. There’s also a separate menu, Nosh Veggie, delivering fully plant-based meal plans with a few Asian dishes on offer, such as Tofu Bibimbap and Japanese curry. The brand offers single meals via Deliveroo or with meal plans lasting from three to 20 days, ordered via credits that you can use anytime over a 30-day period.

In light of the changes brought on by Covid, Nosh offers features that provide more choices for the diner at home: Users can see an online weekly menu with photos ahead of time to see what’s on offer in the upcoming weeks, as well as the skip-a-day function should they wish to have a cheat day. Each dish comes with a calculation of simple, average macros — a plus for those watching their carb, protein and fat intake.

Looking for something healthy for an office get-together? You might want to consider ordering from Spoonful — Nosh’s parent company — which offers nutritious dishes across different cuisines for discounted corporate rates. 

Meal delivery plans on offer: Balanced Diet, Veggie Balanced Diet, Lose Weight, Veggie Lose Weight, Flexitarian, Build Muscle, Get Lean, Keto, Keto Light, Gain Weight and Treat Yourself. 

Price: Plans start from $136 per day, depending on your chosen plan, goals and amount of meals required.

Delivery: Deliveries are made Monday to Friday, dropped off at your address between 7–9:30am.

Nosh, 6 Sun Yip Street, Chai Wan, Hong Kong, +852 2388 1999


Every new customer at Eatology starts with a consultation to create a tailored programme that fits their body type and goals. Customers also get a free nutritionist consultation for every two weeks of meal plan purchased.

There are a number of menus available, from the F45-approved challenge programme to complement your training at the gym to Ketogenic and Paleo diets; Asian meals to gluten-free low carb programmes; vegetarian and vegan options; even a menu simply geared for lighter eating.

Eatology is also the first meal plan purveyor in town to offer a diabetes-friendly Mediterranean diet, the “Balanced Living” programme, consisting of plenty of fruits and vegetables, rich in omega-6 and omega-3s and packed with organic superfoods and nutrients. 

What’s useful in the ordering process is that you’re also able to tick your dietary requirements — avoiding certain proteins like beef or pork, for example, are easy — while certain restrictions such as going dairy-free or gluten-free will incur a weekly charge of HK$35. Executive chef Florian Muller and head chef Matsunaga Toshiaki, who boasts previous experience at Michelin-starred restaurants, work alongside culinary director chef Vincent Leroux to focus on French gourmet classics with a lighter touch, alongside Asian and Mediterranean cuisines for all dietary preferences.

All meals are delivered fresh daily in compostable Vegware and recyclable plastic, with cooler bags that can be returned to the driver the next day. Enclosed menus sheets state the calories and macros of each dish, and just to help you stick to your goals, Eatology has introduced an array of new dishes to their 2022 menu — including French classic veal marengo, blanket garnish turkey, as well as house-made smoked salmon. 

Meal delivery plans on offer: Ketogenic Light, Vegetarian, F-45 Challenge, Gluten-free Low Carb, Optimal Performance, Asian, Mediterranean and Paleo.

Price: HK$368 per day gets you three meals and a snack, clocking in at 1,200 calories for the leanest option. The service offers free delivery across Hong Kong Island, with delivery charges for Kowloon, New Territories and the Outlying Islands vary depending on distance. If you order between now and the end of February 2022, you can also grab HK$150 off all meal plans.

Delivery: Deliveries start at 7am and can be received during a selected half-hour time slot. Eatology also provides evening delivery starting from 5:30pm.

Eatology, Unit 4G, Hong Kong Industrial Building, 444-452 Des Voeux Road West, Hong Kong, +852 2368 6331

Food Folk

Founded by entrepreneur Marilyn Santiago, Food Folk provides nourishing meals based on an initial questionnaire to determine each user’s personal goals.

The brand follows a traditional diet of healthy fats, pastured animal protein and non-GMO vegetables. In addition to the traditional ordering system, there is also an option for the Nourished Meal Programme which offers a one-on-one health coaching session to determine the macros of the food delivered that week, alongside holistic advice on health, relationships, career, spirituality and physical activity. Based on these recommendations, in-house health coach Mayuri Punjabi — whom we previously consulted with on the Whole30 regimen — then assigns a meal plan which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks.

The packaging comes in biodegradable and recyclable cardboard boxes in line with the brand’s sustainability philosophy.

Meal delivery plans on offer: Healthy-To-Home, Meal Box and Team Catering and Cold Press Juice Cleanse

Price: Single dishes from HK$75; Meal plans start from HK$640 for the five-day plan, with free delivery across Hong Kong Island, and a weekly delivery surcharge of HK$50 for addresses in Kowloon and New Territories.

Delivery: All meals are delivered three times per week between 12-12:45pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with the exception of the five-day single lunch and dinners that are delivered only twice per week on Monday and Wednesday. 

Food Folk, Unit A, 14/F Derrick Industrial Building, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong, +852 3594 6111

F45 Challenge Meal Plan

The popular global circuit training gym F45 has launched its own nutrition programme — the F45 Challenge, an eight-week transformation with healthy dishes that are designed to complement your workout regimen. In Hong Kong, F45 Challenge provides nutritionist-designed menus that are available for pickup directly from the studios. Meals progress through four phases, from properly fuelling the body to improving gut health, with each phase meant to educate members about holistic wellbeing. Customers can choose between five- or seven-day plans, with pescatarian and vegetarian options available.

For those looking to amp up their lean protein intake, F45 Challenge also sells pre-packaged sous-vide, hormone-free chicken breasts (HK$150/5 portions), which make meal prepping at home quick and easy — just reheat, slice and top your greens or grain bowls.

Meal delivery plans on offer: Full day meal plan in small, medium or large portions, or just the option of lunch and dinner.

Price: From HK$300 per day (for the five-day plan), which includes three meals and two snacks.

Delivery: You can choose to self-collect your meals, or opt for delivery for a HK$40 surcharge. Delivery will be made the day before between 4pm-7pm, however this service will only be provided when the F45 studios are closed.

F45 Challenge, various locations city-wide

Bain Marie

Feel like you’re always on the hunt for nutritious lunch options? Bain Marie’s mission is to deliver convenient and healthy meals whilst while ensuring it does its part for sustainable sourcing. The service commits to a zero-waste philosophy and doesn’t work with plastic — instead, they deliver the meals in reusable glass jars which are picked up by the courier after a few days to ensure customers can continue to use them.

Chef Guillaume Séjourné cooks healthy French food with homemade flair. A three-course meal is very reasonably priced at HK$120, with current menu items that include low-carb quiche in a jar, lamb moussaka, mushroom tortellini and more reworked recipes of hearty restaurant favourites. There’s a definite taste of home-cooked satisfaction as the meals are made fresh daily and delivered warm at your door, at your office or at home.

Bain Marie delivers to most of Hong Kong Island and select office areas in Kowloon (ICC, Tsim Sha Tsui and Kwun Tong), with meals arriving between 11:30am–1:30pm.

Meal delivery plans on offer: Two meal plans (Light Diet or High Energy) with two levels of calories to choose from.

Price: Meal plans start from HK$460 for three low-calorie meals per day, or HK$250 for two meals. Higher calorie options start from HK$380 for three meals and HK$290 for two.

Delivery: Place your order before 5pm for next day delivery. 

Bain Marie, Unit 427, Block A, 55 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong, +852 6465 1069

Nutrition Kitchen


With a keen focus on healthy meal deliveries for gym junkies or those with an interest in general wellbeing, Nutrition Kitchen serves a variety of nutritional menus to cater for different dietary requirements. Customers select their desired goal — either to lose weight or build muscle — and a meal plan is designed to match their existing activity level. To order, first you choose the meal plan, then the number of meals (two to three per day, plus any sides), then input your delivery details — super simple.

All the nutritional information is printed on the front of each box in case you want to track your daily intake. Generally, the meals aren’t too carb-heavy, and the generous variety means you won’t be bored with the dish options. You can also add on snacks and salads to the meals—  the Barebells protein bars are a perfect pre-gym boost of natural sugar.

Meal delivery plans on offer: Regular Menu (with a choice of low or higher carb), Vegetarian or Flexitarian. All meal plans offer the choice or small or regular portions.

Price: Plans start from HK$75 per day, depending on how many meals and the type of plan you choose.

Delivery: New Territories residents (except for Tseung Kwan O) are not under Nutrition Kitchen’s range as of yet, but with deliveries to Hong Kong Island and Kowloon each morning between 6-10am, workers in those districts can receive theme at their office.

Nutrition Kitchen, 88 Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong, +852 5192 1292

Paleo Taste

For those who don’t know, the Paleo diet, also sometimes referred to as the “caveman diet”, takes inspiration from our Paleolithic ancestors who didn’t have access to the meal options we have now. That means eradicating dairy, grains, flours, refined sugar, processed foods — you get the gist — all items that didn’t exist before the agricultural revolution.

It’s actually a very simple diet which still includes the necessary nutrients from vegetables and meat. With a menu designed by a certified nutritionist, Paleo Taste targets your personal fitness and dietary goals by following Paleo guidelines, and typically serves a selection of substitutes to your favourite carbs — think cauliflower rice and zucchini noodles — so you can still enjoy your favourite recipes without (too much) compromise.

You can order either single meals for lunch and dinner, or opt for the Paleo 30-day diet, with single meal-per day options (if you’re just looking to ensure a healthy lunch or dinner) as well as full-day meal plans.

Meal delivery plans on offer: 30 day meal plans that start from 1,000 calories per day.

Price: Plans start from HK$1,575 for 30 days.

Delivery: Delivery is available twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Paleo Taste, +852 5441 3000

Black Garlic

Although Black Garlic isn’t necessarily a meal plan, the delivery service offers nourishing home-cooked meals and brings healthy rice bowls and breakfasts to offices and homes. Serving dishes influenced by Asian cuisine, the menu changes every day and includes four mains to choose from, two vegetable selections, house pickles and condiments; each bowl comes with one main and one veg, with additional toppings available at extra cost. While certainly not the same as following a calorie-restricted diet, this would be more ideal for those looking for a balanced, nutritious lunch option.

The brand is available on foodpanda and Deliveroo Editions and has a grab-and-go outlet at Three Pacific Place with further plans to expand its retail locations. Corporate delivery is also available.

Meal delivery plans on offer: Breakfast and lunch sets are available for delivery.

Price: From HK$68 for mains, HK$38 for sides.

Delivery: Order from Deliveroo or foodpanda available for both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon food orders. Those in Wong Chuk Hang can Whatsapp their order for self pick up.

Black Garlic, B3/F, Shop 6, Three Pacific Place, 1 Queen’s Road East, Hong Kong, +852 5707 2036


Pancakes for breakfast? Why not? Not only offering grab-and-go, Youni also offers a dedicated meal plan for clients who want a fuss-free solution to hit their fitness goals. Customers can choose meal plans ranging from one week to 24 weeks, with each meal customisable based on half-day or full-day ordering.

Set a goal based on getting lean, a balanced diet or building muscle. Each meal box is targeted to provide 410–500 calories, with 20–30% carbs, 30–40% protein and 30–40% fats, with recipes that are more akin to what you’d find dining out — think duck breast with red wine and orange jus, scrambled eggs with sausage, guac and roast potatoes, and more.

Delivery is optional at an additional charge, or clients can pick up the meals from one of its city-wide locations.

Meal delivery plans on offer: Get Lean, Healthy Balance, Build Muscle, Vegetarian, Semi Keto.

Price: Starting from HK$75 per meal, plus soup for an additional HK$24 per day.

Delivery: Between 7am to 11am at most locations in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

Youni, various locations city-wide.

Easy Food

Easy Food is a meal planning service in Hong Kong and offers a selection of menus from two days to one month, depending on your commitment. Choose between five diet plans: Low carb, balanced diet, Paleo, Keto or vegetarian. The brand also offers 90-minute express delivery across 24 districts for those who decide on the fly.

With the choice of 1,200-, 1,500-, 2,000- and 2,500-calorie meal plans, featured dishes include items such as a low-carb bacon muffin with broccoli for breakfast, and for mains, meatballs with marinara sauce and steamed veggies, grilled coconut lime chicken with broccoli, Vietnamese ginger beef with roasted egg plant and beans, as well as an array of salad bowls, fruit, and nuts for snacks — there are even “cheekier” dishes, such as pizza slices and glazed wings on offer to keep things interesting.

Meal delivery plans on offer: Low carb, balanced diet, Paleo, Keto or vegetarian

Price: Single meals start from about HK$80, full day meal plans range from HK$188, including three meals, to HK$440, including three meals and snacks (in the Ketogenic Light meal plan).

Delivery: Deliveries are made between 7am-10.30am and 7pm-10pm. Easy Food also offers 90-minute express delivery across 24 Hong Kong districts.

Easy Food, +852 5600 0421



Self-proclaimed “gym out of a gym” food delivery service Mealthy cooks up healthy meal plans for those really keen on making a physical transformation. The results-oriented meal preps are ordered online and delivered frozen to last longer. Each dish is compiled with fresh ingredients and made in Hong Kong with no MSG, artificial flavourings, colours or preservatives.

Developed by a team of avid gym-goers themselves, Mealthy’s plans are laser-targeted at helping you achieve fat loss or muscle gain goals, with precisely portioned dishes that are prepared as clean as possible, with no unnecessary seasonings or flavourings used — think simple dishes, such as lemon-baked salmon fillet with cauliflower and corn, or pan-fried pesto chicken breast. Soups and stews, as well as vacuum-packed sous vide proteins, are also available as add-ons. The service also offers vegan meal plan options.

Meal delivery plans on offer: You can opt for a bundle of either 20 or 40 meals, and either the Swallow plan for weight loss, or the Eagle plan for muscle building. Choose from standard, low carb, vegan or ketogenic.

Price: The minimum order is HK$1,700 for 20 meals over two weeks — chalking up to HK$170 per day for two meals per day.

Delivery: Meal plans are delivered twice a week on Monday and Thursday across all of Hong Kong, with minimum orders of 20 meals over two weeks.

Mealthy, +852 9565 7765

This post was originally written by Faye Bradley on 15 July 2020 and updated by the Lifestyle Asia team on 12 January 2022.

Hero image courtesy of Nutrition Kitchen.

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