Drake drove around Toronto handing out fat wads of cash

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It was a very merry Christmas for some Torontonians who happened to be on Drake’s route Saturday.

The generous rapper is already an icon in the 6ix but he’s now a legend after he drove around the city handing out stacks of cash to random residents.

A video surfaced today of the Raptors’ global ambassador sitting in the backseat of a car, reportedly the Certified Lover Boy’s Maybach, being chauffeured around Toronto, wishing lucky strangers a Merry Christmas while handing over some bundled bills.

In the video, posted by @raptvcom, Drake has just handed a wad of what appear to be $20 bills to a woman who is heard saying, “Oh my God, this is crazy,” while another man says: “Thank you, bro. Appreciate it guys, take care.”

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