Behind Bilderberg, Trilateral, WEF: the Globalists have a major problem

A gaping gap within the Financial Matrix: The best financial matrix ever devised is blowing its engine


Lately, I’ve been posting articles about elite energy teams and their historic connections to Russia.

Here’s a piece that raises an issue these energy teams have been dealing with—-a drawback that received’t go away.

I wrote and posted this text On June 10, 2015. Right here it’s:

An issue for Globalism

Stay with me on this one. You’ll see what the powers-that-be are actually apprehensive about.

You’ll be able to roll up Bilderberg, the Trilateral Fee, the Council on International Relations, the World Commerce Group, NAFTA, and the a number of present commerce treaties nearing completion…you may insert all these Rockefeller Globalist forces into one nice company agenda, and…

There’s a drawback. An issue for Globalism. That is, behind the scenes, what the titans of management are whispering about.

It begins right here: perceive that mega-corporations are the devices of world domination. They transfer into nations the place low cost labor, land, and assets are ample, and so they take over. That is what they’re meant to do. That is the plan.

Intelligence companies and armies might precede them, however the companies are essentially the most succesful organizations on the planet, in the case of exercising enduring management.

It’s been estimated that the highest three or 4 hundred companies are answerable for no less than 25% of all world commerce.

The buyer base for these mega-corporations shrinks

However…right here is the rub. As Globalist insurance policies permit companies to close down home factories in their very own industrialized nations and open up those self same factories in locations the place slave wages are the order of the day; as tariffs on imported items are canceled, killing off companies that attempt to compete with mega-corporations; as main economies decline…

The buyer base for these mega-corporations shrinks.

To place it merely, the firms promote merchandise. They want consumers. All around the world.

The highest manufacturing companies are working their meeting strains at about half-capacity. They might produce a lot, way more of what they promote.

However solely about an eighth of the world inhabitants has the means to purchase these merchandise.

There are partial fixes for the issue: profit-making wars; gross sales of company merchandise to governments; governments mainly paying residents to allow them to purchase sure merchandise. However, in the long term, these options don’t lower it. The mega-corporations are nonetheless missing customers. You’ll be able to create solely so many synthetic consumers. Past that, the market system irretrievably heads downward.


The snake has been consuming its tail for a while now

Mega-corporations have the potential to supply and promote an increasing number of; the patron base is shrinking.

***Globalism, the very system that’s decided to raise the ability of mega-corporations, is diminishing the quantity of people that can eat what the firms make.

The snake has been consuming its tail for a while now.

Mega-corporate CEOs and their advisors aren’t fully silly. A few of them see the handwriting on the wall.

World Financial institution and IMF fixes aren’t going to make this drawback go away.

Neither is a few drastic depopulation program. That will be heading within the improper course. Fewer customers.

What a few radical re-set involving a brand new international foreign money? Suppose, for instance, each inhabitant of the planet had been outfitted with a free bank card carrying substantial shopping for energy? Theoretically, that may work, when you low cost what individuals who really earn a residing are going to do once they see billions of their fellow people who don’t work outfitted with comparable consuming energy. And that rumbling class warfare could be simply the stormy starting of the difficulty.


It seems that the Globalist agenda has an expiration date

Creating cash out of skinny air to fulfill the avarice of banks, to repay governments’ hovering debt, to spice up company backside strains is one factor. Creating cash out of nothing to make six or seven billion model new customers is sort of one other factor. In that case, the corporate-welfare gifting would result in air pollution and destruction of the surroundings on a scale that makes present ranges appear to be just a few leaking picnic baskets on a Sunday park outing.

There may be one other issue to think about: technological innovation. For mega-corporations, which means robots/machines changing people as staff. Extra unemployment—-unless the firms maintain again and chorus from implementing the “automation revolution.”

The company thrust, nevertheless, is at all times about shifting ahead. Extra robots within the office. Larger meeting strains. Increased manufacturing.

It seems that the Globalist agenda has an expiration date. Past it, the system comes aside on the seams.

The traditional resolution to an issue of this magnitude is: assume short-term; keep away from the inevitable; fake all is nicely; go away the solutions to the subsequent era.

Think about how hard-charging greed-head mega-corporate masters would react to the next proposition: “Look boys, we all know you’ve got the flexibility to supply items for 2 or three planets the dimensions of Earth. However we would like you to service solely a tenth of 1 planet, and that base will shrink additional. Okay? Don’t fear, be blissful. The whole lot is okay.”


Behind each Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral convention, that is the specter that lurks within the shadows

Behind each Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral convention, that is the specter that lurks within the shadows.

They’re not apprehensive about escalating the extent of their political management over populations. It’s the economics that don’t add up, irrespective of what number of holes within the dam are briefly plugged.

Each current Globalist agenda-item does two issues: a) it goals at tighter management of populations, and b) it enforces and progressively lowers a ceiling on mega-corporations. It reveals a future by which the variety of these companies will probably be drastically diminished. And that’s the rub. That’s the hidden issue.

Sure, the wealthy get richer and the poor get poorer. However everybody who thinks that evaluation is the core of the present disaster is wanting no farther than the top of his nostril.

It seems that decentralization of energy, on each degree, is extra than simply the hope and dream of a relative few. It’s a planet-wide crucial; and survival is at stake.

The best financial matrix ever devised is blowing its engine.


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