Asking that elephant-in-the-room question this holiday season

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It’s the holiday week we’re all anticipating – and in many cases dreading – especially when family dynamics aren’t quite like a Norman Rockwell vision.

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To make matters even more difficult is bringing up the matter of COVID testing. It has to be one of the most uncomfortable requests in the world at the moment.

According to new research from the Calgary-based Rapid Test & Trace Canada, a national provider of rapid antigen tests for COVID-19, “only 46.5% of Canadians plan to ask family and friends to get a COVID test to ensure safety before holiday visits,” notes the media release. Even more shocking, adds the company is “7.7% of Canadians say ‘they could never ask them to get a COVID test,’ and 6.3% say ‘they’d like to ask them, but can’t.’”

The research finds Canadian men are much more concerned about asking for pre-visit COVID tests “with a definitive 70.8% saying they ‘could never ask,’ vs. only 29.2% of women.”

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We want to ask, we need to ask, but we’re afraid to ask, seems to be the refrain. To make things easier,  Rapid Test and Trace Canada has created a rather unusual way of getting to the heart of the matter with the one question everyone wants to ask but is afraid to: a series of five humour-based “holiday cards” to get the conversation going – and get answers before the partying starts.

It’s all about “stimulating conversation on this sticky subject,” notes company officials. All cards are available as both a fully shareable, animated digital card (with voiceover) and a printable card free of charge to all Canadians at the company’s website at .

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