Adele’s friends had mixed reactions to ‘Easy on Me’ upon first listening

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Adele’s friends weren’t keen on her new single Easy On Me when they first heard it.

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The megastar made her long-awaited comeback last week with her lead single from her fourth studio album, 30, which earned praise from critics and fans alike.

But the tune didn’t get such a positive reception when Adele debuted it to her pals.

“I sent a snippet of me singing it as I was writing it to three of my closest friends here,” Adele told Greg James on the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show, “One didn’t like it, the other one was like, ‘Well, yeah, maybe, keep trying though.’

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“That was the perfect response for me. I’m such a knee-jerk person. I’ll be like, ‘I don’t like it, forget it!’ I’m like that with my music. I’m like that with just things I want to do. I’m like that with my feelings and stuff and I think it was clear to them (her friends) in the lyrics that I’ve bided my time and I wasn’t reacting to a reaction or anything like that.

“It was just a feeling that I had stirred on for a while.”

30 is released on Nov. 19.

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